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Question: What Bikes are these available for ?

Answer: We mostly do Harleys, but anything is possible.


Question: What are the fenders made of?

Answer: We PREFER Steel Fenders, but we can also do your Fiberglass fender.


Question: What about painting to match my bike ?

Answer: We will gladly paint to match if possible, and if necessary, we can do the whole bike! But if would rather use your own painter, we can send it to you in just the base color you prefer and then let you & your painter finish the job.


Question: Can I get a different Custom Design than the ones I see here? (Your own Graphic)

Answer: ABSOLUTELY! - That's what we like to do most, that makes it YOUR Taillight! What you see on the site now are designs others asked for - we just build them & fix it so you can't feel it.


Question: When you say "Invisible" - what do you mean ?

Answer: OK, First, you can't FEEL the edge ('Cause there isn't one). AND on Black & some other colors, we have a method to hide it so it's IMPOSSIBLE to see that there is a taillight there, Until you turn it on. (Click here to see if you haven't already) On lighter colors, it just looks like a "ghost" design, or even a black or dark red graphic - IT'S YOUR CHOICE!


Question: How much clearance is required inside the fender?

Answer: On a stock (7-1/2") Harley fender, about 1-1/2+ inches, NO PROBLEM on stock bikes..... And wider fenders actually need less clearance. And if you have a BIG TIRE bike & want to keep that "Fender Right ON the tire" look, we even have a couple tricks to keep that look & still have the cool light.


Question: How Bright are they ?

Answer: BRUTALLY Bright ! On the Blacked-Out "INVISIBLE" ones, you give up a little brightness, but the LED assembly we use is a military design, and when it's not in the fender.... the best way I can describe it is "Like looking at the Sun" - It still hurts when you look at them with your EYES CLOSED!.


Question: Don't they get Hot being sealed in like that ?

Answer: NO, the LEDs generate almost NO heat - and consume LESS POWER..... and run for like 100,000 hours continuous use.


Question: Can I get turn signals in the fender (or Sadlebags) too ?

Answer: YES YOU CAN! - here is one design, but we can tailor about anything you like AND include signals.


Question: How do you make these things seamless ?

Answer: Ancient Chinese Secret.... I could tell you, but then I'd have to............


Question: How much do they cost ?

Answer: Well, they aren't cheap.... But, if they were, then everyone would have one & they wouldn't be as Cool, would they ?  And how many dollars have you seen people spend on just chrome anyway ?? And these are WAY CoolerThanChrome!

These are not meant to compete with an LED assembly you add to your stock taillight, These are CUSTOM Designs for your stock or show bike. If you want something NO ONE ELSE HAS - This is what you need !

These can be a unique Finishing touch for your wild Show Bike or something for your stock bike to make it different from everyone else's!

Prices vary, of course, since every light is custom built for each buyer.... but as an example, a stock 84-99 FatBoy rear fender with Brake & taillight only (No signals) will be $800-900 Finished, in one color, ready to bolt on.


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